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What can I do after I’ve attended my local seminar?

“At the local seminar I found my voice. At WLC I  discovered my purpose and dream. At ALA, I learned the tools to make my dream a reality.”
-Gage Shelmidine, HOBY SoCal/WLC/ALA ’14

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South Florida HOBY Directors and Ambassadors at WLC 2014 in Chicago

World Leadership Congress (WLC)

HOBY’s annual international youth leadership event, The World Leadership Congress (WLC), is a dynamic leadership program that brings together students (or “ambassadors” as we like to call them here at HOBY) from the U.S. and abroad.

This group of over 400 ambassadors comprised of U.S. high school students and international students from all four corners of the globe convene for a week-long, life-changing, educational and leadership skills building program.

2017 WLC Eligibility – U.S. Students

All U.S. high school sophomore students who are scheduled to attend one of HOBY’s leadership development seminars in spring 2017 are eligible to register for the 2017 World Leadership Congress (WLC). If a student would like to register for the WLC prior to attending a state leadership development seminar they may do so, bearing in mind that space is not secure until all of the following requirements have been confirmed and conditions have been met:

  • Availability of space, as allocated to each seminar.  The first 400 students who have paid the full program fee of $1,825 and meet the other requirements will be accepted.
  • Receipt of the $1,825 program fee and completed required online registration by late June 2017 or before the 400 person capacity is met, whichever is sooner.
  • Completion of a 2017 HOBY leadership development seminar.

More information about WLC will be discussed at the local seminar in May.

Community Leadership Workshop (CLeW)

The Community Leadership Workshop (CLeW) is HOBY’s introductory one-day leadership program for high school freshmen, which focuses on leadership as a discipline to be explored and learned. HOBY CLeW students interact with local community leaders, and participate in group activities, and conduct community service projects. CLeWs are organized, developed, and implemented by local business leaders, civic groups, volunteers, and HOBY Alumni.  If you are interested in organizing a CLeW at your school, please contact your local seminar planning committee.

For more information on CleWs, contact Stephanie Eakins at

Advanced Leadership Academy (ALA)

HOBY’s Advanced Leadership Academy (ALA or the Academy) is a new program for any U.S. or Canadian high school junior or senior (ages 16-18 at the time of the program).  Students are not required to have participated in other HOBY programming to be eligible to participate in the Academy.

Through the HOBY Advanced Leadership Academy, participants will:

  • Understand the seven dimensions of the Social Change Model of Leadership and how they work together to accomplish the eighth dimension, change
  • Use a skills inventory to identify and understand their own entrepreneurial strengths and capabilities;
  • Create an action plan to lead a service project or social enterprise in their home communities; and
  • Meet new people and establish an ongoing network of other leaders and social entrepreneurs.

The 2017 ALA will be held July 6-11, 2017, at Loyola University in Chicago, IL.   Register here.

International Programs

Empowering students around the globe

We are all part of a global community. Today’s youth will be identifying and resolving the global issues their generation will face. Currently HOBY offers students the opportunity to travel and learn through our International Tour Program as well as providing students from a variety of countries the opportunity to attend HOBY programs from our international affiliates.

See the International Programs website on to learn which opportunities are currently available.

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