Recent Seminar Leadership and Award History

1997 Jay Caputo Outstanding Seminar
1998 Karen Govedich Outstanding Seminar
1999 Karen Govedich / Hal Tozzer Outstanding Seminar, Outstanding Corporate Board
2000 Wendy Humphrey / Hal Tozzer / Jennifer Wilson Excellent Seminar
2001 Scott Spages
2002 Jorge Gonzalez / Alex Diaz Superior Seminar
2003 Alex Diaz / Michelle Corrozza Excellent Seminar
2004 Ismael Monroig / Stephanie Jackson Excellent Seminar
2005 Ismael Monroig / Stephanie Jackson Outstanding Seminar
2006 Stephanie Jackson Superior Seminar
2007 Stephanie Eakins Superior Seminar
2008 Stephanie Eakins Excellent Seminar, 30 Years
2009 Kelli Murray Outstanding Corporate Board, Superior Seminar, CLeW Outstanding Chair
2010 Kelli Murray / Jenni McNally Outstanding Corporate Board, Superior Seminar, Outstanding Recruitment, CleW Certificate
2011 Kelsey Johnson Outstanding Corporate Board, Superior Seminar, Superior Alumni, CLeW Certificate
2012 Tami Vickery Outstanding Corporate Board, Superior Seminar, Excellent Alumni, CLeW Certificate
2013 Tami Vickery Outstanding Corporate Board, Superior Seminar, CLeW Certificate
2014 Tami Vickery Superior Corporate Board President, Outstanding Seminar, CLeW Certificate
2015 Faequa Khan / Juan Mendizabal Outstanding Leadership Seminar, Superior Corporate Board, Alumni Advisor Excellence, Director of Recruitment Award
2016 Juan Mendizabal Superior Leadership Seminar, Outstanding Corporate Board, Director of Recruitment Award, CLeW Certificate
2017 Angela McCall Superior Leadership Seminar
2016 Angela McCall & Jarrod Fucci
HOBY Training Institute 2016 in Birmingham, AL: South Florida Corporate Board President & Region Y  Regional Project Director Stephanie Eakins, Leadership Seminar Chair Angela McCall and Director of Facilitators Jarrod Fucci with Javier LaFianza and Megan Glynn.

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