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Leadership For Service

Each HOBY challenges it’s alumni to participate in 100 hours of Community Service, in order to:

  • Raise the public’s awareness of young people as a resource for community problem-solving.
  • Prepare young people to take on meaningful roles in community change initiatives.
  • Develop the capacity of individuals, organizations, and institutions to provide meaningful service and leadership opportunities for youth.

Learn more about this initiative & log your hours here.

Alumni Associations

The HOBY South Florida Alumni Association is here to help you maintain your connection to your HOBY family and engage in opportunities to lead, serve, and build new friendships in your community. There are four alumni chapters in the South Florida region to provide a chance for our alumni to stay involved after their seminar has ended.

Angela McCall serves as the HOBY South Florida Corporate Board Alumni Advisor. Angela, along with the local chapter advisors, is your main resource to connect and engage with your fellow alumni in Florida. To get involved with our alumni chapter e-mail

HOBY Miami-Dade Alumni Chapter

Chapter President:  Luis Colli
Chapter Advisor: Faequa Khan

The HOBY Miami-Dade chapter is dedicated to promoting community activism and commitment toward helping others. We work to inspire HOBY alumni and others to start their own community service projects as well as to get involved with existing projects in their schools and community.

Follow our activities on Instagram.

2016 Miami Alumni Chapter CLeW:

 Ambassador Testimonials

“It’s not the fact that I have to lead others, it’s the fact that I get to. I don’t have to do it. HOBY made me realize that this is the opportunity for me to change the lives of others around me.” -Cherry JaJuan, HOBY Alum FL-S ‘16, WLC Alum ‘16

“My first experience with HOBY was when my daughter was chosen to attend. I was so impressed with what was presented that I registered my high school so our students could participate. As a Duke undergraduate and current law student my daughter is still proud of listing HOBY on her resume and talking to students about her experience. Over the years I have never worked with an organization that was so willing and prepared for whatever our individual needs might be. The quick response to any question is amazing and does show that the organization can train young people to be responsive leaders in a world slowly accepting mediocrity as the acceptable norm.” -High School Guidance Counselor and Parent of HOBY Ambassador

“HOBY is the only place I know where you are able to discover your true potential, your values, and your passions while being surrounded by individuals you’ve never met. Everyone who goes to HOBY is there for a reason which will become apparent by the end of the seminar.” -Jordan Puskas-Sullivan, HOBY Alum FL-S ‘13, WLC Alum ‘13, Team Alumni FL-S ‘14, SASA FL-S ‘15, Facilitator FL-S ‘16-’17

“HOBY is a mindset where passion meets empowerment and opportunities are endless. It has taught me that I should never hesitate to pursue my dreams fearlessly and that there is a sort of unique wonder in our individuality.” -Sara Sarmiento, HOBY Alum FL-S ‘15, WLC Alum ‘15, Team Alumni FL-S ‘16-’17, Team Alumni FL-M ‘16


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